At Flintrock Stables, we offer the highest-quality and individualized horse care, with full and self-care boarding packages to accommodate the needs of both horses and owners. Flintrock is a family-owned business, and you can tell the difference! Our boarders truly become part of the Flintrock family.

To schedule an appointment to visit our facility or to take a tour, please contact Jen Heller via phone at (717) 627-4269 or via email at We look forward to hearing from you!


Full-Care Board

Full-care board is offered in the main barn through Spring Haven Show Stables run by A circuit trainer, Tasha Plunket, who offers the following care:

  • Daily individual turnout

  • Twice daily feeding with free choice of hay

  • Scheduled veterinarian, dentist and farrier appointments

  • Blanketing as needed

  • Laundry available on-site

  • Shipping is offered at an additional cost

Full-Care Pasture Board

Flintrock Stables offers full-care pasture board, which provides horses with freedom to move around and graze as much as they’d like. Our full-care pasture horses are provided access to large run-in sheds for inclement weather. Flintrock Stables staff provides twice-daily meals and multiple daily check-ins.

self-Care Board

Self-care board is offered at the stone bank barn by the Flintrock Stables team. Self-care board gives horse owners the flexibility to care for their horses on their own time and to their exact preferences. All self-care boarders are offered turnout pastures.

boarding Amenities

Whether full or self-care board, all boarders are provided full-access to the entire Flintrock property, including the following amenities:

  • Rubber-matted stalls with automatic watering

  • Attached 180 X 80-foot indoor arena with premium dust-free footing, allowing for consistent training year round

  • Wash stalls with hot and cold water

  • Laundry room

  • Climate-controlled tack rooms

  • Climate-controlled observation lounge overlooking the indoor arena with WiFi

  • Bathroom with a shower and lockers