Lessons & Training


Lessons at Flintrock stables

At Flintrock Stables, we offer professional English riding lessons for children and adults of all ages and experience levels from beginner to advanced in equitation, hunters, jumpers, or dressage. At Flintrock, our instructors believe in instilling a strong foundation in excellent horsemanship and providing riders with the best in class training in a welcoming, encouraging, and fun atmosphere.

Since safety is our number one concern, each student's lesson program is designed specifically with each riders’ individual experience, abilities, and goals in mind. Students who do not have a horse of their own are matched with one of our experienced and well-trained lesson horses who are schooled regularly.

Flintrock offers both 30 and 45-minute private lessons for one-on-one instruction as well as 1-hour group lessons with other riders matched specifically based on skill and experience level. We require all first-time students to start with a private lesson in order to gauge experience and appropriate level before being placed in a group lesson.

Riders can choose to pay lesson by lesson, or they can purchase a package of eight lessons, offering additional savings.

If you or your child are interested in a lesson or tour at Flintrock, please contact Jen Heller via phone at (717) 627-4269 or via email at Jen@FlintrockCorporation.com. We look forward to hearing from you!


summer riding camps

Each year, Flintrock Stables offers week-long day riding camps throughout the summer to introduce campers to the joys and responsibilities of riding and caring for horses. Our professionally designed and operated program offers a welcoming, fun-filled environment focusing on safety and encouraging good horsemanship both on and off the horse for young children and experienced youth.

The primary goal of Flintrock’s camp is to have a fun, safe, and educational experience with horses. Campers not only learn how to ride, but they also learn the important skills of caring for horses. Individualized teaching and demonstrations are provided to further the student's education regarding horses and proper horsemanship.

A typical day at a Flintrock Stables riding camp is filled with fun and instructional activities such as grooming and tacking horses, ground handling, riding equipment care, learning equine nutrition 101, arts and crafts activities as well as a daily riding lesson for each student. On the final day of each camp, students combine what they’ve learned throughout the week by participating in a mock horse show on the property.

Whether a seasoned rider or a total beginner, Flintrock’s riding camps are a perfect way to expedite riders’ equestrian education!



All students training regularly within the Flintrock lesson program are given the opportunity to compete in shows on Flintrock lesson horses once cleared by an instructor. Students can compete whether they are beginner riders at the lead line level or at more advanced levels in equitation or hunters. The Flintrock team grooms, trailers, and instructs students at shows, providing full-service showing opportunities. This is accomplished with the same encouraging and supportive philosophy our trainers practice everyday in Flintrock’s lesson program.



At Flintrock Stables, we offer our more advanced riders the opportunity to lease our well-trained lesson horses dependent on availability. Leases allow riders to ride outside of lessons to continue their training and growth throughout the week, and they’re a great way to get the sense of owning a horse without the extra commitments. Half leases include rides up to three days a week and full leases give riders full-availability to ride a specific horse up to five days a week. Riders under the age of 18 must have a trainer or parent present during rides, and all leasing riders must participate in at least one lesson a week with Flintrock trainers.